starter conversation

The below explained is a starter conversation between two people waiting for their bus at the bus stop. It happens with everybody when the bus is late to arrive and we have a short chat with a stranger beside us!

The example below is one such starter conversation for the situation mentioned above,

Person 1: It seems that the bus is quite late today!

Person 2: Are you waiting for the same bus that arrives at 2?

Person 1: Yes, you too?

Person 2: Yes, the bus usually arrives on time, but today it is quite late. It has been 10 minutes already.

Person 1: Yes, I had to reach my office in half an hour, it seems like I’ll be late today!

Person 2: Ohh, I’m attending my cousin’s wedding and it looks like I will not reach the venue on time!

Person 1: Ohh goodness! I hope the bus arrives early now!

Person 2: Yeah, hope so!

Person 1: If this keeps on happening, I will be late for the office every day and will have to find an alternative if this situation continues to happen.

Person 2: It should be arriving any moment now.

Person 1: The worst part is that there is another bus after this, but is directly at 3 pm. That is just impossible for me.

Person 2: Don’t worry, sir! And you won’t have to worry anymore!

Person 1: Why do you say so?

Person 2: Look, the bus has arrived!

Person 1: Ohh, good lord!

Person 2: Have a great day, sir!

Person 1: You too!

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