Benefits of Talk Now: A quick conversation between 2 people

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benefits of Talk Now

Benefits of Talk Now: A quick conversation between 2 people

Overview: Benefits of Talk Now can be seen in the ones who wish to speak English and are willing to learn more about the language. It is a great app to use if you are willing to improve your English!

The below-given conversation is an example of two people talking about the benefits of Talk Now,

Person 1: I heard you speak good English today. From where did you achieve this fluency? It is brilliant!

Person 2: Thank you so much for the compliment. Actually, you wouldn’t believe from where I learned such good English.

Person 1: Why so? Please tell me, I would like to achieve fluency too!

Person 2: There is an app called ‘Talk Now’ that you can download from Playstore easily. 

Person 1: An app made you fluent? How good is that!

Person 2: I told you that you won’t believe it!

Person 1: This is brilliant! 

Person 2: This app has brilliant features and the best thing is that you can have an anonymous name if you don’t want to reveal yourself!

Person 1: Ohh, is it so?

Person 2: Yes! Moreover, you can have live calls and live chats with whoever you are having a conversation with!

Person 1: What about the person with whom we might be talking?

Person 2: Not to worry! That person might have also joined Talk Now to learn English. This means that there are many subscribers to Talk Now who have joined it to learn English!

Person 1: This is awesome! I’ll download the app as soon as I go home and I’ll recommend my daughter and wife to do so too!

Person 2: Remember the name, “TALK NOW”!