Boss and Employee conversation about a new project

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boss and employee conversation

Boss and Employee conversation about a new project

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a boss and employee conversation in English about a new project, regarding leadership and also about managing work and family.

At times, it becomes difficult to manage work and stay motivated at the same time, but a little bit of inspiration from the boss takes you 10 steps ahead to stay motivated! The below conversation is an example of the same.

A Boss and Employee Conversation

Employee: May I come in, madam?

Madam: Yes, please come in.

Employee: The manager told me that you need to speak to me. Is everything alright?

Madam: Oh, yes yes. Everything is alright. There is something that I need to inform to you.

Employee: I am all ears!

Madam: Okay, so the thing is that we have a new project at an outer location in Manali. It is hardly a work of two weeks.

Employee: Okay, that sounds good.

Madam: Yes, and I was hoping that you might want to go there and lead the project.

Employee: Ohh! That came as a surprise!

Madam: Yes. I have seen you progress for a few months and you are doing exponentially amazing. You records are good and you have shown growth and progress, which is why I think that you are the right fit to lead this project.

Employee: I don’t mind going ahead and leading the project but madam…

Madam: I know you have been busy for the past few days but this is going to boost your growth. As I said earlier that you have shown progress, I also think that once you go to Manali and start working on the project, I believe that you will make the project a big success because you know the nits and grits of the area you will be working on. You know that leadership is a very big part of a career, especially yours as it will not just help you to grow in that project but will also make the project a huge success. As I said that I have seen your progress, you will be a good leader for this project and the upcoming projects too.

Employee: Alright madam, I will lead the project.

Madam: I am happy to hear that. Also, I would like to give you a raise once you come back from Manali. Let’s discuss that once you are back! Also I am very impressed that you are handling work and family effectively. With having kids and to handle expenses of the house and manager everything together, you are really an inspiration for your colleagues! And, I love that about you.

Employee: Thank you so much madam! Sure, I won’t let you down.

Madam: I know you won’t. All the best, travel safe and keep me updated.

Employee: Definitely. Thank you!


  • The word ‘and’ is a conjunction. Conjunctions help to join words and phrases together in a sentence. ‘And’ is the most common conjunction to be used.
  • I am all ears’ is a phrase which means ‘I am listening carefully’.

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