A conversation about learning the English language at home

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A conversation about learning the English language at home

Overview: Over here, let us look at a conversation that will tell you how can you learn the English language at home itself, without having to go out or pay a hefty amount of fees and just learn within the comfort of your house.

So what are we waiting for? Let us go see what the conversation says!

Person 1: Hey, I’m just so done with paying a huge amount of fees to learn the English language. they are for a very big amount and they take the class for a very limited time period. Probably just two times in a week.

Person 2: First things first. Why are you even going out and paying for something that you can do within the comfort of your house, with time flexibility and a lot of study materials, exercises, quizzes, and what not!

Person 1: I don’t understand what are you trying to say?

Person 2: I am saying that instead of going out and wasting so much money on classes that are not proving to be worthy for you, you can do the same by sitting in your house and learning English from your house itself.

Person 1: And how can I do that?

Person 2: See everything is available on the internet and you just have to put some keywords on the search engine and you can get detailed information of what you want to study, with the added benefit of exercises that you can solve to test your understanding. You can have access to them free of cost or they might charge you with just a minimal amount of fees.

Person 1: You are joking!

Person 2: I have never been more serious. You can access the best resources and learning materials on the web than you can ever learn in a physical class. You can also enroll yourself in courses specifically related to grammar and such aspects. Learning English has become much easier through the internet. You get everything! And moreover, you can have access to those recordings whenever you wish to! It is totally according to your time flexibility. You can learn when you are cleaning the house when you are doing the dishes, and almost anytime!

Person 1: My Goodness! I’ll enroll myself right after I reach home today!

Person 2: Sure, go ahead! All the best!

Person 1: Thank you so much!