Conversation about food in English

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conversation about food in English

Conversation about food in English

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation about food in English between two foodies! All of us love food, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We like to try different cuisines and dishes from various places. All of us have tingling taste buds that do not stop craving for food. Let us head on to the food conversation and see what two foodies have to say about food!

A conversation about food in English

Foodie 1: Hey, are you free this weekend?

Foodie 2: Yes absolutely. Why?

Foodie 1: I was thinking that we could go and try street food this weekend and can spend the entire day tasting various types of food! What do you say?

Foodie 2: Street food? Nah! Let’s go to a good restaurant and try cuisines there or we could also go to the barbeque buffet. What do you say?

Foodie 1: Not a bad idea but we can give it a shot to the street food this weekend. It has just opened a week before!

Foodie 2: Okay tell me what type of food will be available there?

Foodie 1: Everything. Right from vegetarian to chicken, fish, mutton, different types of bread, snacks, sweets from various countries, different kinds of coffees and there could be more!

Foodie 2: You got me there! Alright, that is perfect. Let’s try street food this weekend. But, the next weekend, we could go to the restaurant I was speaking about!

Foodie 1: Yeah we can go next weekend.

Foodie 2: What I was saying is that should we make a list about what shall we eat there or shall we decide there on the spot?

Foodie 1: I think we shall decide on the spot because it’s newly bought up and we don’t know exactly what all is available. So let’s decide that day!

Foodie 2: Perfect. Now, I’ll leave, I have to plan dinner today and cook at home!

Foodie 1: I’ll leave too! See you this weekend.

Foodie 2: See you!


‘Nah’ – The word ‘Nah’ is an informal way of saying ‘no’.

‘To give it a shot’ – This term means to ‘give it a try’.

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