Conversation at the veterinary

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Conversation at the veterinary

Woman: Doc! May we come in?

Vet: Yes, please! You have a beautiful dog!

Woman: Thank you! His name is Bruno.

Vet: Perfect. So, tell me what is the problem?

Woman: Actually, for the past few days, Bruno has been having rashes near his eyes and it itches him a lot.

Vet: Okay, let me check. Hold him in your arms so that he will not panic.

Woman: Sure.

Vet: Okay, so I have checked him. He is having an allergy due to his shampoo. So, you will have to change that.

Woman: Oh, okay! There is nothing serious, right? I mean it will be cured?

Vet: Of course. There is no reason to worry. I am prescribing some medicines and shampoo. You can buy it from a pet clinic.

Woman: Alright. Thank you so much.

Vet: No problem. You may pay the fees at the counter outside.

Woman: Okay. Thank you!

Vet: Yeah, bye Bruno.