Conversation between boss and employee for leave

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conversation between boss and employee for leave

Conversation between boss and employee for leave

Overview: Let us look at a conversation between boss and employee for leave. There are certain reasons why taking a leave from the office is important. Let us dive into the conversation and know one such type of reason to take a leave from work.

A conversation between boss and employee for leave

Employee: Sir, may I come in?

Boss: Yes, please come in.

Employee: Thank you, sir.

Boss: How are you by the way?

Employee: I am good, sir. Thanks for asking.

Boss: Amazing. So, what brings you at my office today?

Employee: Sir, I have been working for the past few months continuously and I haven’t taken a single leave and have spent some time for myself.

Boss: Okay, and?

Employee: And I think I should take a week off from work and just detox myself so that I can clear my mind and return back to office fully refreshed.

Boss: Alright. That is a good thought. I think you should take some time too. You have been dragging yourself everyday at the office.

Employee: Is it so?

Boss: Yes, it is important to take a break from work and take out some time for yourself. You’ve got to clear you mind from work related stuff and engage in some fun activities. In fact, where are you planning to spend your week? Or are you spending it at home?

Employee: No sir. I am planning to go to Mysore.

Boss: I suggest you go to Goa. Because at this time, the climate is really amazing and soothing. It will be a cherry on the cake for you! And you need not revert to any messages or calls or emails related to work. Just spend some time with yourself and enjoy!

Employee: Thank you so much sir. Before entering your office, I though it would be a big task for me to make you understand.

Boss: Oh, don’t worry. I like to take care of my employees. Only then will they trust me and the company and will give their best!

Employee: Indeed. Anyway, Thank you so much!

Boss: No problem. Enjoy!


  • The phrase ‘detox myself’ is used for emphasis and it means to clear out your mind out of something (tension, work stress, etc.) so that you can return back more fresh, calm and relaxed.
  • The phrase ‘dragging yourself’ is used for emphasis. Over here, it means that the employee was working for long hours at the office without taking any leave.


We all have gone through the time where we lie to our bosses to take a leave. We give reasons and excuses for leaves. Whereas in the actual case, we are just slumped with work and we need a few days off from work so that we can do something else or just go for a short trip to take our minds off from work. However, we feel ashamed to tell the truth about this to our bosses, which is why we lie. The above conversation is an example to keep our mental health at the top priority. If we are mentally relaxed and calm, only then can we give our best at work. So, make sure not to feel ashamed to take leaves when you mentally tired or stressed. At times, taking a leave is all your mind needs.

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