Conversation between brother and sister

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Conversation between brother and sister

Sister: Hey, listen! It’s mom and dad’s anniversary this weekend. We shall plan something. What do you say?

Brother: Ohh Yeaaa, I totally forgot about it. Yea we must plan something.

Sister: See what I’m thinking is that both of them will not be at home till evening, okay! So, we have more than half a day to plan a surprise for them?

Brother: Correct. So, what is the plan?

Sister: The plan is that I will cook dinner and you can decorate the house, or we can handle both the things equally.

Brother: Sounds good. So, now that we have 3-4 days in our hands, we can give an order for a customized cake also. What do you say?

Sister: Perfect perfect. Also, what gift shall we give them?

Brother: For mom, we can give her a saree and for dad, we can give him Bluetooth earphones. Cool?

Sister: What an idea!

Brother: But remember, this conversation should be between us both only!

Sister: Of course, it is a surprise after all!

Brother: And what are you planning to coo?

Sister: See mom likes chicken curry along with naans and dad loves ‘gajar ka halwa’, so I was thinking to make all of it.

Brother: Sounds great. So, let’s keep this plan and we will work on this on the weekend.

Sister: Yea yea.