Conversation between client and manager regarding newly launched products

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conversation between client and manager

Conversation between client and manager regarding newly launched products

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between client and manager. The client is hoping to shop a few products that are recently launched as the client is a loyal customer to the brand. Since the client is unable to find the recently launched products at any other store, she tries to give a shot at the brands’ store itself.

Let us know how she gets into a conversation with the manager. As she is loyal to the brand, the manager itself tries to assist her in getting the recently launched products that she is looking for!

A Conversation between client and manager

Manager: Hello ma’am. How may I assist you.

Client: Hello to you too. I was hoping that I could find the recently launched skincare products at this store itself.

Manager: I would be happy to get you the products that you are looking for!

Client: Thank you. Actually, I tried looking for those products at almost every store around the corner, but I failed each time. So, that made me think that I should try and shop from the brands’ store itself. When there is an actual store of the brand, then why shop at any other store!

Manager: That is very thoughtful of you and you made a good decision by coming here. You would be happy to know that we have those products that you are looking for!

Client: Oh my God! Is it so?

Manager: Yes ma’am. Would you like to come this way please? As the products kept over there.

Client: Oh sure.

Manager: Thank you.

(After the client purchases the desired products…)

Client: I am so happy that finally I purchased these beauties! I am excited to use them!

Manager: Oh, these products have a good effect!

Client: I hope so!

Manager: Ma’am, since you have paid through online mode, you would also have received a feedback link. If you don’t mind, would yo please give a feedback of the products as it would help the brand in knowing how it is suiting the customers.

Client: Oh, sure I’ll do it.

Manager: Thank you ma’am. Hope to see you again.

Client: Thank you!


  • The phrase ‘to give a shot’ means to give a try.
  • The phrase ‘around the corner’ in the context of this conversation means ‘nearby’.

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