Conversation between father and mother concerning the academics of their child

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conversation between father and mother

Conversation between father and mother concerning the academics of their child

Overview: In this conversation between father and mother, the mother has received a call from the child’s school stating that the child has not performed well through the semester and has received low grades! In a tense state, the mother goes out to the father of her child and tells him about this news!

Conversation between father and mother about child

Mother: I just received a call from Aaryan’s (child) school.

Father: What? From Aaryan’s school? Why would they call now?

Mother: Yeah, even I was shocked. I did not expect them to call suddenly.

Father: Why did they call abruptly? I mean what did they say on the phone? Who was it?

Mother: It was the principal of the school.

Father: Oh my God. The principal?

Mother: Yes.

Father: But our Aaryan is such a brilliant child, he studies well too! I wonder what could have gone wrong in the school. But why did they call?

Mother: They called to tell us that Aaryan has not performed well in the exams and has received low grades.

Father: Oh, I just can’t believe this. He is such a brilliant child!

Mother: But he has performed low!

Father: Okay, tell me. How low?

Mother: They did not inform me that specific. But we will get to know his grades in the open house.

Father: Okay, when is the open house? I would also like to know where is my child going wrong in his studies.

Mother: As his mother, even I want to know that.

Father: But he was studying well at home before the exams. Wasn’t he?

Mother: Yeah.

Father: This is exactly why I am unable to believe how he scored low marks in the exams.

Mother: He spent nearly 3 hours a day before his exams. 3 hours is enough for a kid who is in 5th grade.

Father: Exactly. So, what shall we do now?

Mother: Shall we go to his school and speak to his teachers?

Father: The school has already entered his marks. Now we cannot do anything.

Mother: What are you saying? We will have to go to his school tomorrow and speak with his teacher. She will be able to tell us

Father: Since it is just primary school, I think they will pass him and promote him to the 6th standard.

Mother: And we also have the option to speak with Aaryan.

Father: Yes, these two are the choices we are left with.

Mother: But I don’t understand. Is it the teachers who are not teaching him well or is it him who is unable to understand what is being taught…

Father: The answer to your question can be given by him only!

Mother: Okay so let’s speak with him in the evening and let’s not be harsh with him.

Father: Yeah, we will talk politely. And if we speak politely with him, he will tell us what is the problem…

Mother: I hope so…

Father: Don’t worry, we will sort it out!


The word ‘abruptly’ refers to something that is ‘sudden’ or ‘out of nowhere’. In the conversation, the phone call was sudden and unexpected, thus it was abrupt.

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