Conversation between father and son about career

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Conversation between father and son about career

Son: Hello dad! How are you?

Father: Hii son, I’m absolutely fine, how are you?

Son: I’m good too! And, how’s mom?

Father: she’s perfectly fine too. How’s your work going on in the U.S? Is all good?

Son: Yes, dad, it is amazing. Actually, I have a piece of good news to give to you and mom.

Father: Okay, what is it? I’m sure your mom would be happy to hear about it. So, tell me what is it?

Son: The news is that I am planning to expand my business in Canada. 

Father: Ohh, that is amazing! I am so proud of you my son.

Son: Thank you, dad. And I have another piece of good news.

Father: Do tell, what is it?

Son: I’m planning to come to India next month and will be staying for 2 months.

Father: Oo my god! Seriously?

Son: Yes, dad.

Father: Ohh it is such a happy day! We will be waiting for you!

Son: Absolutely dad, I’m excited.

Father: Me too, and your mom would be double excited!

Son: Hahaha…see you there! For now, I’ll leave, I have some pending work! I will call you in the evening.

Father: Yes of course. By the way, your mom and I are proud of you!

Son: Thank you, Dad!

Father: Okay, catch you later. Take care.

Son: You too, Dad! See you!