Conversation between two friends

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Conversation between two friends

Friend 1: Now that we have finished our semester exams and now that we have a vacation for a month, why don’t we make a plan to go somewhere for a day or two?

Friend 2: Sounds good! By the way, how were your exams?

Friend 1: It was fine! How were your exams?

Friend 2: Yeah, it was okay!

Friend 1: So what do you think, where should we go?

Friend 2: I was thinking that we have got this vacation after so long so why not make it worth it and go for two days?

Friend 1: Yeah, that would be okay for me.

Friend 2: perfect! So, we should go to some resort or we must book a villa! We can ask our college group and then we can decide the cost per head. What do you say?

Friend 1: Yes, but we will have to be careful as this is the time of the pandemic and it will be better if we take some precautions and book a villa instead of going to a resort.

Friend 2: even I was thinking the same. We could book such type of a villa that would have a pool in it already. So, the ones who would like to go in the pool can carry on and the ones who would like to stay in the villa and relax can do that too!

Friend 1: Okay then let’s meet in the evening and we can talk about this with everyone.

Friend 2: Sounds good! See you at 5!

Friend 1: yeah, see you!