Conversation between manager and customer about customers’ feedback

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conversation between manager and customer

Conversation between manager and customer about customers’ feedback

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between manager and customer. In this conversation, the customer is trying to give a feedback about the products she has been using throughout her life and how she finds the company today.

Conversation between manager and customer

Manager: Yes, ma’am, please come in. How may I help you?

Customer: Oh, no. I’m good and I came here just to give my feedback regarding the products of this company.

Manager: Oh, that’s amazing. Tell me. How our products are helping you and do they fit your needs?

Customer: One thing I would like to inform you is that I have been a customer to this company since the past decade and I have been loving these products.

Manager: That’s good to hear!

Customer: Thank you. Also, I would like to say that there are other products in the market too, that sell themselves by costly advertisements and what not, but still they do not suit our skin at the best.

Manager: That’s true.

Customer: Yes, and before I started using these products I used to use them also, because they looked attractive, but after using them for a while I noticed negative results and it did not suit me well. And then I gave a shot to this company’s products and they did wonders for me and my family.

Manager: Thank you so much for you feedback madam. We appreciate it. Would you like to say something to our customers too? And let me tell you that this will be recorded and will be uploaded on our website. We value our customers!

Customer: Oh, that’s fantastic and I would love to give out a message to the customers!

Manager: Amazing, please follow me.

Customer: Sure.

Manager: (After a few minutes) Yes, ma’am you may begin.

Customer: Hello everyone, my name is ABC and I have been using this company’s products since the last decade and I am in awe of it. At times it happens that costly and attractive products don’t work the best for you but products like these just changes your life altogether, with natural and organic ingredients and them being cruelty free; these products are a gem if you are a skin-care lover! I, a normal customer just like you, who has been using these products for quite a long time, would like to recommend them to all. You could see the results by yourself! Thank you.

Manager: Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, ma’am! Here is a hamper for you from the company.

Customer: Thank you!

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