Conversation between mobile shopkeeper and customer

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conversation between mobile shopkeeper and customer

Conversation between mobile shopkeeper and customer

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between mobile shopkeeper and customer in which the customer is looking to purchase a new phone. In this conversation between shopkeeper and customer to buy mobile phone, the customer asks all general questions related to the new mobile phone purchase. Let us see how the conversation goes on!

Conversation between mobile shopkeeper and customer

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, please come in.

Customer: Thank you.

Shopkeeper: How may I help you, sir?

Customer: I am looking forward to purchasing a new smartphone with the latest technology. Could you please show me some of them?

Shopkeeper: Sure sir, Why not! Please come to this side.

Customer: Okay.

Shopkeeper: Here is the recently launched model with the 128GB ram and all the recently enabled features and technology. It has a fingerprint unlock system, as well as a face, unlock system. Moreover, the mobile phone also has a quadcore camera that will give you the most natural images and photos.

Customer: Okay, this looks good. Is this smartphone 5G enabled or is it 4G?

Shopkeeper: Sir, this is the latest technology and it is a 5 G-enabled phone. Since you have asked for the latest technology in smartphones, here is another one. It has similar characteristics as I showed you before, but this is from a different company.

Customer: No, I will go with the first phone that you showed me.

Shopkeeper: Okay sir, as you may like!

Customer: How much is the price of this phone?

Shopkeeper: The actual price of this phone is Rs.27,000 but since we are offering a discount, this phone will cost you Rs.25,000.

Customer: Okay, is there an EMI option available for this?

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, we have an EMI option available.

Customer: Can I have an EMI option for 5 months in which I can pay Rs.5,000 on a monthly basis?

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir. You can do that. You just need to provide us with your identity proof and bank details and then you are good to go.

Customer: Okay, here are my bank details and my identity proof.

Shopkeeper: Sure sir. This will take a moment, until you may look at our latest range of laptops and other electronics too!

Customer: No, thank you. I just need the phone.

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir. Just give us 10 minutes, and we will link your details with your bank account for smooth EMI so that you don’t have to face any issues related to the EMI.

Customer: Alright.

(After 10 minutes)

Shopkeeper: Here is your mobile phone and your details are in the record with us. Congratulations on your new purchase of a smartphone, sir.

Customer: Thank you!

Shopkeeper: Do visit again!


‘Enable’ – The word ‘enable’ means the possibility of something, or the start of something.

‘EMI’ – ‘EMI’ is an abbreviation for Equated Monthly Installment.

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