Conversation between Mother and Daughter: Daily Routine in English

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Conversation between Mother and Daughter

Conversation between Mother and Daughter: Daily Routine in English

Context: Here is an example of a conversation between mother and daughter named Nia. It is a simple conversation in English about the daughter and mother’s daily routine.

Daily life conversation in English at home sample

Mother: Good morning, NIA. You woke up late today; is everything all right?

Daughter: Yes, I did finish some homework last night.

Mother: I always tell you to finish your work on time.

Daughter: Yes, mom, but the teacher assigned us some last-minute homework.

Mother: but you have the entire Sunday to yourself

Daughter: Yes, I am aware, but I had to work on my recitals and then go to bed late, so I overslept.

Mother: Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time before your school bus arrives.

Daughter: I won’t have to wait at the bus stop today because a friend will pick me up.

Mother: I’m not here to make small talk, love. Tell me who is going to pick you up and why when you already have a school bus to take you and drop you off at home.

Daughter: Sure, mom, So, starting now, I’m going to teach daily routine English conversation to my juniors or students who struggle with studying English.

Mother: What? Why? I mean, I don’t understand; hasn’t your school recruited a native speaker to assist students who have difficulty speaking English?

Daughter: Yes, but his grasp of native English is just too difficult for the students at the introductory level. Furthermore, he is far too focused on teaching them grammar and tricky synonyms rather than teaching them daily life English conversation.

Mother: Are you able to manage that many students on your own?

Daughter: It’s not just me; seven other students volunteer to be mentors to other kids, one of whom is my friend, who is picking me up today.

Mother: How are you going to pull it off?

Daughter: by encouraging students to engage in daily English conversation and helping them in the formation of English sentences.

Mother: It’s a great responsibility. Do you have enough time? I don’t want you to compromise with your studies.

Daughter: To be honest, I’m not going to compromise my studies for all of this. I was planning to get up early and take some time out of my morning routine to make preparations for this volunteer activity.

Mother: Do you have anything in mind, like any ideas about where to begin?

Daughter: Because they are not native English speakers, we will start with some simple conversation topics for them to practice later, followed by some synonyms and tongue twisters.

Mother: That’s wonderful. I am extremely proud of you, Nia, for assisting people with spoken English, as it is now an important part of your children’s lives.

Daughter: Yes, exactly. They only need a little help to become fluent in English, and because we’re all students, they will not be afraid to talk to us about their problems at any moment.

Mother: Okay, now hurry up and get ready, but before you do, tell me what you want for lunch.

Daughter: Some sandwiches and apples with beetroot.

Mother: Remember to take your lunch and a spare key to school today because your father and I will be late. Please lock the door as we leave for work.

Daughter: OK, mom, good day.

Mother: You, too, have a wonderful day.


  1. Plenty: a lot.
  2. Elaborate: to give more details about something.
  3. Mentor: an experienced person who advises and helps somebody with less experience over a period of time.
  4. Volunteer: a person who offers or agrees to do something without being forced or paid to do it.
  5. Recitals: a formal public performance of music or poetry.