Conversation Between Mother And Son Chosing Photography as Career

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conversation between mother and son

Conversation Between Mother And Son Chosing Photography as Career

Overview: Here is a conversation between mother and son related to making career choices and being successful. A career is a very important part of everyone’s life and it is more important to choose the right career path for which, the most immediate person to which a child can speak with their parents. Talking to parents about choosing a career and interest instills confidence in the child! Here is one such mother and child conversation in English!

Let us have a look at a conversation between mother and son choosing photography as a career,

Mom: Hey son, did you receive your degree yet?

Son: Yes, mom! Why do you ask?

Mom: Son, now that you have completed your graduation, I hope you have planned something to choose a career. I mean, do you have an idea in your mind as to what you are going to do in your future?

Son: Yes mom, I have an interest in clicking pictures and capturing emotion! I have something planned that I want to do and it is not like corporate jobs.

Mom: Then what is it like? Please tell me.

Son: It is more like doing something of my own. I will not be working under someone! Instead, I will build my own creativity in this field!

Mom: Okay, but what is it? Please tell me. I am getting curious now!

Son: Photography, I love capturing moments, whether happy or sad or angry! I like how raw the emotions are while I capture them. Those emotions feel real and not tampered with or fake!

Mom: That’s interesting to know. But do you know how to operate a camera and how to click pictures? I mean do you know anything about photography?

Son: Yes, mom. I do know! I had participated in various college events in the field of photography and have received several rewards for the same too.

Mom: That’s even better. I prefer that you do some internship and have an album of your clicked pictures so that you have proof of your work when you will be hired in the photography field.

Son: Yeah, I’m working on that. I am currently working as a photographer for a media house. As of now, I will go and finish my work.

Mom: Oh, you didn’t tell me about this.

Son: Yes, because it was just an internship before and now I have a job as a photographer. But I was busy with college graduation and getting the degree, so I couldn’t tell you then!

Mom: Wow! We should celebrate your first job! Shall we go to dinner today?

Son: Wow, dinner! Yeah, of course! Even dad will come home in the evening, we can go together!

Mom: Sure we will!

Son: Perfect, I will complete my work by then!

Mom: Here, have this apple and then you go to complete your work.


‘Instill’ – The word ‘instill’ means to ‘develop’.

‘Prefer’ – The word ‘prefer’ means to ‘choose’.

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