Conversation between parent and child about dinner

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conversation between mother and child

Conversation between parent and child about dinner

Overview: In this conversation between parent and child, the child is on a constant rant about not eating healthy food and wants to munch some pizzas and burgers! As every mom does, in this conversation too, the mom is disallowing her child to eat junk food and wants the child to eat home-cooked food!

Conversation between parent and child about dinner

Son: Mom, what’s for dinner today?

Mom: I’ve cooked from french beans with gravy and you can eat that with rice.

Son: That’s all?

Mom: Well, nothing else was in the fridge to cook. So there was no other choice.

Son: Are you serious? There is nothing else to eat?

Mom: Nope.

Son: We could have ordered some pizza and a burger!

Mom: And who will eat this?

Son: We could have cooked this some other day.

Mom: Hmm..cooked it some other day. Would you eat rotten food?

Son: Obviously not!

Mom: Exactly! Now come to the table and have your dinner.

Son: But Mom, it is Sunday today and Sunday calls for some delicious food.

Mom: At least taste some beans!

Son: Mom, beans are going to stay beans!

Mom: And you are also going to stay the same! So shall I change you too?

Son: No no, I’ll have beans and rice. I won’t complain a bit.

Mom: That’s like my son. I want you to finish everything that is served on your plate. No complaints.

Son: Yes mom.


The word ‘rant’ refers to speaking or shouting every now and then about something.

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