Conversation between parent and child about Covid-19

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Conversation between parent and child about Covid-19

Mom: Hey, where are you going?

Son: On the playground.

Mom: Where is your mask and sanitizer?

Son: Oh no! I forgot. I’ll get it right away.

Mom: Why do you have to be so careless all the time.

Son: I’m sorry mom. I know it is important to carry these two things whenever we are going out and to maintain hygiene. I promise I won’t forget them the next time.

Mom: You must take care, son! The situation is very serious. There are a lot of people dying every day and a lot of people who are getting affected by this deadly virus. We are lucky enough to be safe till now and we must maintain this throughout until the situation comes bounces back to normal.

Son: I’ll take care of it the next time!

Mom: Okay fine. I’m letting you go for now, but, remember that if you be so careless the next time, you will have it from me.

Son: Please don’t tell this to dad.

Mom: I won’t. Now, be careful and come back home before it gets dark.

Son: I promise I’ll be back before you know!

Mom: Bye son!

Son: Bye mom!