Conversation between police and reporter about crime

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conversation between police and reporter about crime

Conversation between police and reporter about crime

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between police and reporter about crime. The crime was committed by a man driving more than the prescribed speed limit, which led to significant consequences for him as his car hit a road bump and crashed into a tree. The man was going on a road trip with his family and was driving about the speed limit. Let us now look at the police and reporter conversation.

Conversation between police and reporter about crime

Reporter: Sir, I am Kevin Gonsalves and I am a reporter from the ABC news channel.

Police: Alright, what do you need?

Reporter: I need to know about the car accident that took place today afternoon at 12:15 p.m on XYZ road.

Police: Okay. The man was driving a sedan car and he had his family in the back seat of the car. There was his wife and his mother. The man’s child was sitting in the front with him.

Reporter: Alright. And then?

Police: And then the man was just fixing her child’s hair and he hit the speed bump on his way after which he lost control of the car and he couldn’t handle it.

Reporter: Oh my Goodness. And then?

Police: And the car hit a tree. Thank God that nothing happened to anyone as he had just pressed the break at the right time. But he was driving above the prescribed speed limit.

Reporter: Okay. And, what about it? I mean will he be penalized for driving a car above the prescribed speed limit?

Police: Yes, he will be penalized with Rs.5,000 for driving above the given speed limit.

Reporter: Why don’t these people understand that they are not alone while driving but also go along with their family?

Police: Exactly! Not just the family, but rash driving also puts others around them at risk. What if it was a major accident? What if somebody was wounded badly?

Reporter: True! It would have led to major consequences not to the driver or to the family but also to others!

Police: Alright. Did you get the story you wanted?

Reporter: Yes, sir. And thank you very much for this input!

Police: Not a problem.


Consequences’ – The word ‘consequences’ can also be used as an alternative word for ‘effect’.

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