Conversation between police and thief

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conversation between police and thief

Conversation between police and thief

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between police and thief in which the police have caught a thief red-handed robbing a gold chain. The police take the thief to the police station and question him about the robbery. In this police and thief conversation, the police let the thief go after paying a fine and after giving him a warning. Let us see how the police and thief conversation goes!

Conversation between police and thief

Thief: Sir, please let me go! My intention was not bad to rob the gold chain.

Police: Be quiet. I have caught you red-handed and I have seen you stealing the gold chain in front of my eyes and you are telling me that your intention was not bad?

Thief: Yes, sir. I haven’t eaten anything for quite a few days which is why I had to steal the chain. Only then I could have eaten something.

Police: You did not have to rob anything from someone. Robbing is what you did, even if your intention was not wrong, but you still did it, right?

Thief: Yes, sir. Sir, please let me go, I have a family to take care of!

Police: So? Everyone has a family to take care of. But nobody steals from anyone!

Thief: Yes sir. I have understood not to steal from anybody now. I will start working as a labourer or worker but I won’t steal from anybody.

Police: But I cannot let you go just like that.

Thief: Sir, please I won’t do anything wrong from now on.

Police: You will have to pay Rs.1,000 as a fine and if I catch you again stealing or robbing something, then you will be penalized heavily.

Thief: Yes sir. I will keep that in mind. Here, you can keep Rs.1,000 as a penalty/fine, but I will not rob anything from now on.

Police: That’s good. You may go now!

Thief: Thank you, sir.


The words ‘robbing’ and ‘stealing’ are two words with similar meanings,

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