Conversation between shopkeeper and customer regarding birthday gifts

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conversation between shopkeeper and customer

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer regarding birthday gifts

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between shopkeeper and customer in which the customer is confused as to what to gift his female partner. As any gift store has varieties, the customer looks for varieties of gifts that are not just unique but are also special. Here is a conversation between shopkeeper and customer.

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer

Shopkeeper: Hello sir, how may I help you? We have the perfect birthday gifts and you can send birthday gifts online with on-day delivery and time delivery. We also keep special occasion gifts for friends and family.

Customer: Hello. I am looking for a gift item that is unique as well as special. Could you please show me gift options?

Shopkeeper: Sure sir. We keep varieties and range of gifts for your loved ones just as you wish to have. Do you want a unique gift for a male or a female?

Customer: I want it for a female friend.

Shopkeeper: Alright. Here is a perfume that is one of the bestsellers for a few weeks. I think you should gift this to your friend.

Customer: No, perfume is very standard. I want something different.

Shopkeeper: Okay. Here is a photo frame. It is not just unique but it will also be a memory for your friend and you as well.

Customer: The frame looks nice but I am not satisfied with it.

Shopkeeper: Alright sir. This is an indoor plant that is especially gifted to someone and it grows only when it is gifted.

Customer: No I don’t want to gift a plant.

Shopkeeper: Okay so do you want to go through the makeup section for gifts? you can gift makeup sets or skincare sets?

Customer: No, nothing of that sort. Do you keep cute Ganesha idols?

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, we do have them. I’ll bring it in a moment.

Customer: Sure.

Shopkeeper: Here are some of the cute ones.

Customer: Okay I will have the Ganesha idol with the turban.

Shopkeeper: Indeed, sir. I’ll gift wrap it in a moment.

Customer: Yes, please make sure that you pack it well. I mean it shouldn’t break inside the pack.

Shopkeeper: Don’t worry sir. It won’t break.

Customer: Thank you.

Shopkeeper: There you go! The gift will cost you Rs.600.

Customer: Okay. I have paid for it online.

Shopkeeper: Thank you so much, sir. Please do visit again.

Customer: Sure.


The word ‘shouldn’t’ is a combination of ‘should not’.

The word ‘don’t‘ is a combination of ‘do not’.

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