Conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English about online payment

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conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English about online payment

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English about payment in the online mode. This post will guide you through online payment modes and how to make an online transaction at the shop.

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

Customer (Harsh): I want to buy some essential goods. Do you have rice bran oil?

Shopkeeper (Ravi): Yes sir, we do have rice bran oil. How many liters of oil do you want?

Harsh: I will need 5 liters of rice bran oil.

Ravi: Okay sir. What else do you want?

Harsh: I will also need 5 kg of whole wheat flour and some wheat biscuits.

Ravi: Okay sir, I’ve added that to your basket. Anything else?

Harsh: Yes, I also want some butter, and 3 liters of full-fat milk.

Ravi: Done sir. Anything else?

Harsh: No. That is enough. Could you please tell me how much I have to pay?

Ravi: Yes sir, just a moment.

Harsh: Sure.

Ravi: Sir, your total amount is Rs.1,500.

Harsh: Okay may I get the QR code, please?

Ravi: QR code? May I ask what’s that?

Harsh: Oh, don’t you have an online mode of payment?

Ravi: No sir. I don’t have that. Would you please tell me more about this?

Harsh: Oh, yeah sure. Online payment is the need of the day today. Every shop, every store, and everyone has gone online in terms of payment.

Ravi: Oh, is it so?

Harsh: Yeah totally.

Ravi: But, how does it work?

Harsh: It is very easy. You just have to download your bank’s app or other payment apps like Google Pay, Paytm, etc. and then you will have to enter your bank details.

Ravi: Oh my God. That is very risky.

Harsh: No it is not. Every time you make a transaction, you will get an OTP on your phone which is a One Time Password, and only after entering can you make the transaction. With this, your account is very safe.

Ravi: Oh okay.

Harsh: Also, you can make payment through QR codes.

Ravi: What is a QR code?

Harsh: Whenever you are about to pay someone, you will have to scan a code that will make the transaction by itself. You will only have to enter the amount. If you install a QR code for your shop, the customers can scan the code and the amount will be credited to your bank account directly.

Ravi: So the online payment will eliminate the use of cash, right?

Harsh: Absolutely. With online payments, you will not have to carry cash and change everywhere you go. You just have to scan the QR code through your phone or make a UPI payment on the spot, and your work is done!

Ravi: This is absolutely brilliant!

Harsh: Yes it is! Online payment apps also allow you to enter the purpose of payment.

Ravi: I did not understand this point, sir. Will you please explain?

Harsh: For example, you made an online payment of Rs.40 to purchase a packet of pens. While you have made the transaction with the shopkeeper, you can enter the purpose as ‘pen’ on your phone. In the future, this will help you to know for what you had made the payment.

Ravi: Oh that is good. but how will I know how much balance I have in my account? What if I keep making online transactions all the time?

Harsh: You can check the balance through the app itself! You will just have to click on ‘check balance’ and it will show you how much amount you have in your account. You can also check your transaction history or transaction activity to know where you have spent your money!

Ravi: Thank you so much for letting me know, sir! I will opt for online payment from now on!

Harsh: That is good. All the best! For now, I am paying you in cash. It was Rs.1,500, right?

Ravi: That’s correct, sir.

Harsh: Alright. Here you go.

Ravi: Thank you, sir.

Harsh: You’re welcome.


‘OTP’ – OTP stands for One Time Password.

‘QR Code’ – QR Code stands for Quick Response Code

‘Eliminate’ – Eliminate means to ‘remove’.

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