A conversation between teacher and student in English

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conversation between teacher and student in English

A conversation between teacher and student in English

Overview: All of us have been a student and all of us have seen a conversation between teacher and student in English. Most of us dreaded the Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM). This student and teacher conversation will take us to the memories we had during school time. This conversation between a teacher and student in English is the same.

A simple conversation between teacher and student in English

Teacher: Good morning, students. I have an announcement to make. The announcement is that we are going to arrange a Parents Teachers Meeting tomorrow at 9 am and I want every student’s parents to be here tomorrow.

Student: Oh My God.

Teacher: Yes, the students also have to accompany them. We will be talking about a few important things with them like your grades, behavior and study pattern. So, please bring your parents tomorrow at 9 in the morning without fail.

Student: Ma’am, what if they are busy and are unable to attend the PTM?

Teacher: You come to me now, I would like to speak personally with you.

Student: Sure ma’am.

Teacher: Okay now listen to me carefully.

Student: Yes ma’am.

Teacher: I don’t want any excuses from your side that your parents will be unable to attend tomorrow’s PTM. I strictly want them here or else they will have to speak with the school principal directly.

Student: Ma’am is everything fine? Have I done something wrong?

Teacher: No, you have not done anything wrong. It’s just that I need to speak to your parents personally and I would like to make them more aware of your grades, exam preparation, and learning process.

Student: Will you be complaining about me to my parents?

Teacher: Please don’t stress. I will speak to them. You just make sure that they are here at 9 am sharp, or else they will have to speak to the school’s principal directly and then I cannot help you.

Student: Alright ma’am. I’ll ensure that they reach here tomorrow on time.

Teacher: Good. You may now go back to your desk.


  • The term ‘PTM’ is an abbreviation (short form) for the word Parents Teachers Meeting.
  • Using abbreviations makes it easy for a reader to read a text. For instance, it is easy to read ‘PTA’ than to read the full form at all times. Moreover, using abbreviations eliminates repetitions and makes the content more light to read.

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