Conversation between teacher and student on exam

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conversation between teacher and student

Conversation between teacher and student on exam

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between teacher and student on exam post-Covid-19. The Covid-19 cases are dropping for which the universities and colleges are preparing the students to give offline exams. In this teacher and student conversation, the teacher is speaking with the Class Representative (CR) to announce the offline semester examinations.

Conversation between teacher and student on exam

CR: Ma’am, Good morning. Did you want to speak to me?

Teacher: Good morning. Yes, I want you to make an announcement to the class and notify them about something important.

CR: Sure ma’am. What is it about?

Teacher: It is about offline exams.

CR: Offline exams?

Teacher: Yes. Covid-19 cases are dropping and there is not much risk in conducting offline exams. The college has received a circular from the University demanding offline exams.

CR: Oh, Okay.

Teacher: Yes, so I want you to listen to me carefully so that you make the correct announcement to the class.

CR: Alright ma’am, I’m all ears.

Teacher: Good. Okay, so the semester exams will be conducted from the mid of July, which means from the next month. It will be conducted within a period of 10 days.

CR: But ma’am, we only have four subjects.

Teacher: Yes, I know. Students will be getting a two-day leave between each exam so that they can prepare well.

CR: Alright.

Teacher: One more thing to remember is that students will be given extra half an hour during each exam. The reason for this is that it’s been a while since the students have written a 3-hour long paper. So, an extra half an hour will be provided.

CR: That is a relief.

Teacher: Also, it is mandatory for every student to wear masks in the corridors, in the class, and in the campus. And they also have to carry their own hand sanitizers. The department will make sure that social distancing is maintained during the exams.

CR: Yes, ma’am. Noted.

Teacher: Okay. One last point to remember is that it is important for students to carry their hall tickets with them otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the exam hall or give their exams.

CR: Okay ma’am. I have noted all the points you just said. What if the students have any doubts regarding this announcement?

Teacher: If any student has any doubt regarding this, ask them to come to me.

CR: Alright ma’am. I will announce this to the class.

Teacher: Yes. Do it after your class break.

CR: Sure ma’am.


The word ‘notify‘ means to ‘inform’ or ‘let them know’.

The word ‘mandatory‘ means ‘compulsory’. The word ‘mandatory’ is mostly used in formal situations.

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