Conversation between two cricket players about winning the upcoming match

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conversation between two cricket players

Conversation between two cricket players about winning the upcoming match

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between two cricket players in which they are talking about how they can win the upcoming match. The team’s overall performance in the previous match was not up to the mark, for which the team captain and a spinner are having a one-to-one talk regarding the same.

Conversation between two cricket players

Cricket player 1 (Manish): Hey, I hope you are ready for today’s match!

Cricket player 2 (Yash): Of course captain, I am ready!

Manish: That’s good to hear! Actually, I wanted to speak to you before we head on towards the stadium.

Yash: Yes sure. What is it?

Manish: The thing is that you know all of us didn’t perform well in the previous series and we were knocked out really bad from that match. We couldn’t even get to the average.

Yash: Yeah I know. We could have done much better! Maybe it was not just our day!

Manish: It could be so! But let that go! We cannot do anything about that. But, we can build the next game much stronger and much more efficiently.

Yash: Yeah, we have a strong team and together we all can win this game if each of them gives their one hundred percent today!

Manish: That is true but I also want you to give your best balling action today!

Yash: Yeah, but I always give my best cap!

Manish: Yeah I know! But I know your game has become much stronger and you know the weak points of our opponent’s batsmen!

Yash: Hahaha…True!

Manish: You just have to be more careful and you don’t have to waste any balls!

Yash: Yes cap! I will give my best!

Manish: Alright then! Let’s get them!

Yash: Let’s go and help our team first and then let’s get the opponents together!

Manish: Alright! Let’s do it! All the best!

Yash: Best of luck to you too!


‘Cap’ – The word ‘cap’ is used as a short form of the word ‘captian’.

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