Conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English

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conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English

Conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English. India’s Independence Day falls on the 15th of August every year and it is celebrated throughout the country with great pomp and show! It is a day of courage and bravery for every Indian. Flag hoisting and pride are depicted in every part of the country.

Independence Day is celebrated in co-operative buildings, schools, colleges, educational institutions, and everywhere else! Now, let us look at a conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English.

Independence Day and Republic Day give a patriotic feeling to every Indian as it represents a sense of homogeneity even though the country has many religions and cultures, the country unites every Indian citizen as one. It gives a feeling of brotherhood, family, and most importantly, home.

Click on the link to get a much clear picture of what is the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day?

Conversation between two friends about Independence Day in English

Friend 1: Hey, I hope you are participating in our school’s parade for Independence Day!

Friend 2: Yeah! Of course, I am taking part in the parade. You are participating in it too, right?

Friend 1: Yes, I am also giving my participation!

Friend 2: Perfect! It is a very different feeling of pride and courage, especially on Independence Day and Republic Day.

Friend 1: Yeah, these two are special days dedicated to our country!

Friend 2: It is Independence Day when India got freedom as a country and Republic Day is the day when its Constitution was made.

Friend 1: Yes, I know about that! We have been taught this in our History class, isn’t it?

Friend 2: Totally! Our history and cultures are filled with diversity and are very motivating to know about it!

Friend 1: Yes, you see how the times have changed from ancient to modern, but India is still grounded in its roots and culture. It is a sense of pride when we realize that we value our culture and every being of the country.

Friend 2: As a person, India gives a lot to learn and explore oneself. It is not just a country, it is a whole feeling that we will never be able to have in any other country.

Friend 1: Yes, there are so many religions, so many languages and so many people to learn, grow, and explore!

Friend 2: Exactly! India is full of heterogeneity!

Friend 1: Yes, people coming from so many different backgrounds and cultures makes the country more colorful and joyous!

Friend 2: Well, this is our 75th Independence Day and we have to participate in this occasion with full enthusiasm!

Friend 1: Yes, let’s get into practice for our 75th Independence Day parade in our school! All the students are participating in it, it’ll be exciting and fun!

Friend 2: Yeah, let’s show how powerful we are as a country!

(Both of them, together): JAI HIND!


‘Dedicated’ – The word ‘dedicated’ means ‘specially meant for’.

‘Heterogenous’ – The word ‘heterogenous means ‘different’.

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