Friend 1: It’s been quite a long time since the pandemic began. What do you think?

Friend 2: Yea, it’s been 2 years now. But the good part is that the cases are dropping now as the people are taking precautions and are getting vaccinated.

Friend 1:  I agree with this point. But, it was huge chaos before. People started hoarding essential products and it was a situation of panic throughout the globe.

Friend 2: Very true. In a way, life became boring by just sitting in the house as everything went online right from work and education. 

Friend 1: Online education is not so thrilling and exciting as offline classes. You get to meet your friends then get the actual experience of classes.

Friend 2: We could not get to enjoy our last two years of college with no farewell and nothing of that sort.

Friend 1: Now the situation is going back to normal and it feels so good. There will come a time in a few months where we will not have to wear a mask and carry sanitizers everywhere.

Friend 2: Yes, people are eagerly waiting for that moment for things to get back to normal

Friend 1: hey, by the way, have you been vaccinated?

Friend 2: yes, I have completed both doses. And you?

Friend 1: I have completed my first dose and the second dose will be done next month.

Friend 2: It is so important to get vaccinated. Things will get easier with vaccinations.

Friend 1: I agree. Okay then, I’ll leave. I have a pending assignment to complete. I’ll see you in the evening.

Friend 2: Yes, I’ll see you in the evening too!

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