Conversation between two managers about working from office post pandemic

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conversation between two managers

Conversation between two managers about working from office post pandemic

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at conversation between two managers which is not so commonly seen but it does happen. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all the employees as well as the bosses and mangers have been working from home to stay safe and to keep the workforce safe too. Thankfully, the cases are now declining which has opened a window for everyone to get back to normal and work from office. The below conversation between two managers is regarding the same.

Conversation between two managers

Manager 1: Hey, how have you been?

Manager 2: I have been good. How are you? Long time!

Manager 1: Oh, quite a long time. It’s been two years since we’ve looked at the office.

Manager 2: True, it has been boring to work from home nowadays. Office is better I would say.

Manager 1: I agree. Not just us, but it is good for the employees too. Don’t you think?

Manager 2: Oh, yes. I follow what you are speaking.

Manager 1: So, have ya’ll decided to return back to office and work from here fully?

Manager 2: Yes, the board is discussing to return back to office and start full fledge work from office. What about you?

Manager 1: Not yet. Our board members would take a bit more time as they think that there are still more Covid-19 cases and the employees would not want to risk their health and work from office. They would not want to risk their families too. Moreover, we have some employees who travel from far off places so it would be much risky to call them here and make them work from office.

Manager 2: Well, you will have to do it some time. Don’t you think?

Manager 1: Yes, that will happen for sure. But, we would still like to give it a thought once again.

Manager 2: Alright. As your company wishes! Anyway, I have to run to the office now. It was good meeting you after a long time.

Manager 1: Same here. It was good meeting you too. I’ll see you around.

Manager 2: Yeah! See you around too.


  • Long time’ is a phrase that you use when you see someone after a very long time.
  • The word ‘ya’ll’ is a combination of two words i.e ‘you’ and ‘all’.

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