Conversation between two trees in English

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conversation between two trees in English

Conversation between two trees in English

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between two trees in English in which they are talking to each other about how dry the weather has been for the past few months. The weather not just affects humans and animals but it also affects the trees and every living thing! Moreover, the pollution and global warming have made things worse for trees too! Let us see how the conversation goes!

Conversation between two trees in English

Tree 1: Hey, how are you? Have you been sleeping all day?

Tree 2: Oh, how do I sleep? It has been so hot and so dry for the past few months!

Tree 1: Oh don’t get me started on the weather!

Tree 2: Yes, you can speak about it. I know it has been bad and it is making us dry and weak. There is no proper rainfall!

Tree 1: I know. And there have been terrific news about the woodcutter. Are you aware of that?

Tree 2: No, what is it about?

Tree 1: Oh my God! All the trees have been talking about it. Last week, the woodcutter chopped off nearly 20 huge trees.

Tree 2: What? You are kidding!

Tree 1: You can just turn a bit and look for yourself if you think I am joking!

Tree 2: Oh no! I understand we cannot do anything about it, but if we are being chopped, then it will be very harsh for human beings! They will not be getting any shade or greenery!

Tree 1: Yeah, I agree. And it is just so happy here! There is good sunshine in the morning, the days are breezy and so many animals roam around us every day!

Tree 2: Yes, I see monkeys sitting on top of you every day.

Tree 1: yeah and I see owls sitting on top of you, sparrows chirping every morning! Oh, they wake me up every day.

Tree 2: It’s so pleasing to hear their voice daily! It makes me feel fresh, But, they chirp a lot!

Tree 1: Hahaha.. you cannot stop them!

Tree 2: Actually everyone has the right to live, so we shouldn’t be chopped off, right?

Tree 1: True, but this is one thing that humans will never understand!

Tree 2: Yeah I know! Now, I am going back to sleep until the sparrows come again and wake me up!

Tree 1: Alright, Goodnight! But don’t make much noise at night.

Tree 2: What noise?

Tree 1: Keep your branches in control! They keep swinging with the breeze and make noise. My sleep schedule gets disturbed.

Tree 2: I’ll try!

Tree 1: You better make it happen!

Tree 2: Goodnight!


‘Chop’ – The word ‘chop’ refers to ‘cut’.

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