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Overview: The key components of the English language are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The below-given conversation highlights a similar thing and how important it is to be well-versed with these 4 key components to have a strong hand over the English language.

Let us look at a conversation about the key components of the English language.

Person 1: Hey, do you know to make English stronger, I mean how to achieve fluency?

Person 2: Sure. But for that, you will have to be very strong with the key components of the English language as they are the base in building a strong sense of the language.

Person 1: Key components? What are those?

Person 2: We have been learning the key components from our school days and without understanding and knowing them thoroughly, one cannot speak or read or write good English.

Person 1: oh, are they so important?

Person 2: Yes, the whole English language depends on those four key components.

Person 1: And what are those?

Person 2: Those are reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Person 1: oh, I know all of them.

Person 2: We think that we know all of them but we don’t completely know all of them. As all of them are interconnected, you just cannot rely only on one or two components. It is important to know all of them.

Person 1: So you are saying that if I am good with reading, then I will have to be good at writing also, good at speaking also, and good at listening also?

Person 2: that is exactly what I am saying.

Person 1: Ohh my goodness!

Person 2: And to master all of these four components, it is important to know and to understand Grammar profoundly and clearly as it allows you to know the structure of every sentence you are going to read, write, speak and hear.

Person 1: Now I see the connection. You remember when in our school days the teachers used to ask us to stand and read every sentence from the textbooks, they used to take dictation tests and what not! All of that was to improve our English language.

Person 2: Exactly!

Person 1: Well then, I’m starting to read books from today to make my English stronger.

Person 2: All the best to you!

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