Conversation on body shaming

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Conversation on body shaming

Aunty: Jenna, you must start losing weight. It is not looking so good nowadays.

Jenna: Why aunty? What’s wrong?

Aunty: See, you are a girl and if you lose weight then you will tend to look more beautiful!

Jenna: Aunty, I’m already beautiful. And beauty is not defined by how people look, it’s how they think and how they act. You must be careful now!

Aunty: I’m telling this for your good. What if no boy loves you because of your weight?

Jenna: Why would somebody love someone because of their weight? Love is not about weight at all. Don’t you think?

Aunty: It is not, but…

Jenna: If it isn’t, then there is no chance of any other question to arise. You tell me if I’m wrong or right.

Aunty: Umm…

Jenna: And moreover, if I’m confident and comfortable with the way I am carrying myself, then why must I be so self-conscious about my weight. After all, people will know me with what I am and how I think, not because of my weight. Definitely not! And I think if someone judges somebody based on their weight, they are highly conscious of looking beautiful just on their outside. So are you?

Aunty: Umm…no. I think you must stay just the way you are! 

Jenna: Absolutely, you must too! That is the only key to happiness. Don’t you think?

Aunty: Very true!