Conversation on Diwali about cleaning the house

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conversation on Diwali

Conversation on Diwali about cleaning the house

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation on Diwali about cleaning the house. Diwali is a festival celebrated across India with great pomp and joy, with people dressed in their traditional attires, and bursting crackers. However, the level of bursting crackers has stooped a bit low, being a good thing.

We all know that Diwali is a festival of lights, people light ‘diyas’, so as to spread light everywhere, along with which they also decorate their house, which starts with cleaning the house first – which is a tedious task. Still, it is all worth it for the festival of Diwali. After Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri, Diwali is one of those festivals in India that is celebrated with splendor all around the country!

Speaking of cleaning the house on the occasion of Diwali, let us look at a conversation on Diwali about cleaning the house.

Conversation on Diwali about cleaning the house

Wife: Hey, listen, sweetheart, Diwali is around the corner, and since it is our first Diwali after marriage, I am thinking to decorate our house with more florals and umm…a touch of gold..what do you say?

Husband: Since it is our first Diwali, why don’t we go out somewhere for a trip and celebrate it?

Wife: What? No…it should be celebrated with family!

Husband: Okay, if you say so. What do you have in mind?

Wife: Cleaning the house first!

Husband: Oh God, I know you are very much into cleaning the house, but can I just…not…?

Wife: No, you are not running away from excuses this time. You are going to help me clean the house, every nook, and corner of the house.

Husband (in a silent tone): My God! What’s with women and their obsession with cleaning?

Wife: What? What did you just say?

Husband: What? What did I say?

Wife: I heard you say something about cleaning.

Husband: No no…I was saying where should we start with the cleaning, you know that the house is a bit big, so it will be a bit difficult to choose a place to start. That’s all I was saying.

Wife: Yeah…I suggest why don’t we pick up the living room first and start with the windows and then the fans and ceiling. Since you are tall, you will look after cleaning the fans.

Husband: Okay, I can do that.

Wife: And I can look after cleaning the floor, and the dining table, then you can look after cleaning the TV cabinet.

Husband: Okay, got it. But first, can we have some tea first? You know I’ll need the energy to start cleaning.

Wife: Okay, do you want something to eat also?

Husband: No, just tea will be fine. Till then I gather the mop and cloth to clean.

Wife: Okay, the mop is near the bedroom window and the washing clothes are drying on the rope.

Husband: Got it

Wife: I’ll get the tea.

(Both of them finish their tea…)

Wife: Shall we start now?

Husband: Yeah, let’s just get this over with. Do you want me to remove the curtains?

Wife: Yes, we will have to give them a wash.

Husband: Got it.

Wife: When are going shopping?

Husband: What? You just had a good shopping time last week!

Wife: No no…I am asking for Diwali shopping.

Husband: Oh that! Sure, when do you want to go?

Wife: Do you have to go to the office this Saturday too?

Husband: No, I have a leave this Saturday.

Wife: Perfect. Let’s go to Diwali shopping this Saturday.

Husband: As you say, Boss!

Wife: Oh come on! Don’t tease me.

Husband: I am not teasing you. Aren’t you the boss of this house? Look, I am cleaning and you are going through your phone.

Wife: That was a very fine reminder. I will look after the dining table.

Husband: Hahaha…are Mom and Dad coming home this Diwali?

Wife: Sure, they are. And we have to clean the other bedroom for them to stay.

Husband: Okay, for how many days they are coming?

Wife: Four days.

Husband: That’s nice.

(After a few hours…)

Wife: Okay, we are done cleaning the house. Let’s just go out and grab dinner.

Husband: As you say…Boss!

Wife: Nice. Hahahah…

Husband: Let’s get you your favorite belgium chocolate icecrem too.

Wife: Really? Wow! Cleaning the house paid well!

Husband: Hahaha…


Attire‘ – The word ‘attire’ refers to ‘dress’.

Tedius‘ – The word ‘tedius’ refers to ‘tiresome’.

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