Conversation on men and emotions

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Conversation on men and emotions

Son: Dad, what’s wrong? You seem to be upset since morning.

Dad: No, son! Everything is alright.

Son: Then why were you wiping your tears just now?

Dad: I told you it’s nothing.

Son: See, until you don’t speak it out, things will not get better. In fact, it will turn out to be much worse.

Dad: Men don’t cry, son!

Son: Who said so? Why do we always have to pretend to be that we are emotionless? Can’t we feel sad or can’t we cry at times?

Dad: But…

Son: But what? Everyone should express their emotions. Only then does your heart feel light. It is said that expressing feelings and having conversations with your loved ones decreases stress levels and we feel happy too.

Dad: But we have never expressed it in front of anyone. Expressing sadness is a symbol of being weak.

Son: We go through weak times and happy times too, but expressing feelings does not give the license to people to judge anybody. Everyone feels, either sad or happy and it is completely natural.

Dad: I’ll talk to your mom. Now, you go and do what you were doing.

Son: Take care, dad, and relax for a while.

Dad: Yeah. And son, I’m proud of you. You’ve given me a good thought today!
Son: Oh, come on Dad!