A conversation about overcoming difficulties while speaking in the English language

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A conversation about overcoming difficulties while speaking in the English language

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between two people who talk about the difficulties faced while speaking in the English language and also, how to overcome them. Most of the time, difficulties are faced by beginners who are yet struggling to improve their English language in all the core aspects like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. But, many times, the difficulty is faced while speaking as a lot of things go on in the head while speaking.

Let us look at a conversation on how to overcome difficulties while speaking in the English language,

Person 1: Hey, did you listen the newly released English album from our favourite band?

Person 2: Yes, I did but I couldn’t understand a word from it!

Person 1: Ohh, why so?

Person 2: I couldn’t understand the English. I am still learning the English language and am practicing it daily with the hope of getting better with every passing day. I try avoiding speaking in English in public places.

Person 1: Ohh, why so?

Person 2: As I said that I am still practicing and my spoken English is not so good, so people laugh at me and they misunderstand whatever I speak.

Person 1: So?

Person 2: It lowers my morale and my confidence also shatters. This is why I cannot put forth my point most of the time with the fear that what people might say.

Person 1: But you have answered for yourself.

Person 2: What have I answered?

Person 1: You said that you are still learning the English language, right?

Person 2: Right

Person 1: So, now that you are still learning, it is normal for you to make mistakes and learn from them too. Only them will you overcome that fear and you will improve yourself.

Person 2: Yes, that is true but what about people laughing at me?

Person 1: See when you will make mistakes, you will realise that you have made a mistake and only then will you learn from it which will boost your morale and your self confidence too. And, if you feel low confidence while speaking in front of people, then you try to calm yourself and prepare yourself mentally as to what you want to say and how you want to say.

If you feel a bit insecure about your English, then try explaining yourself in your mother tongue or your native language for the time being. Even that would make your work easier and then you can improve yourself when you are speaking with your friends or family. Basically the ones whom you trust and who will not laugh at you when you are making mistakes, but instead, they will correct you when you will make a mistake.

Person 2: Thank you for the advise. I will always remember it.

Person 1: No need to thank me. I am your friend and I will be there for you whenever you need me in all walks of life!


  • ‘A lot of things go in the head‘ means that the mind of full of thoughts and is racing with thoughts when you want to say something important.
  • ‘All wlaks of life’ This is a phrase that means in every part of life.