A conversation on the difference between prose and poetry


A conversation on the difference between prose and poetry

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation that tells the difference between what is prose and what is poetry. Though both of them sound the same, but, there is a slight difference that makes them stand apart from each other.

Let us head on and look at the conversation and know the difference between prose and poetry.

Person 1:Hey, do you know the difference between prose and poetry?

Person 2: yes, somewhat!

Person 1: Will you tell me because I get confused between both of them.

Person 2: Sure! Don’t worry!

Person 1: Thank you.

Person 2: The major difference is that poetry is a form of literature in which the author writes his thoughts and feelings in an artistic style. Whereas, prose is a free form of literary work wherein the author writes down his feelings and thoughts in a comprehensive form.

Person 1: Okay, can you please simplify it more?

Person 2: Alright, listen. The prose is written without stanzas whereas poetry is written with stanzas, paragraphs, etc. Also, poetry is written for pleasure, and prose is written to give out a message.

Person 1: Okay, I am understanding.

Person 2: Good! The language used in prose is easy to understand and it is simple. On the other hand, the language used in poetry is rhythmic and flowery.

Person 1: Which of them is easier to understand?

Person 2: Prose is easy to understand because of its simplified language and for poetry, it might take a few readings to understand the meaning of it.

Person 1: Ohh, you have made it so easy to understand the difference between prose and poetry.

Person 2: There is only a slight difference between prose and poetry which is why it confuses people.

Person 1: yes, now I have understood the meaning between the two of them.

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