Here is a piece of conversation of a waiter and a customer at a restaurant:

Waiter: ‘Hello, sir! Please come this way, your table has been reserved!’

Customer: ‘Thank you! Can I have the menu, please?’

Waiter: ‘Certainly, would you like to have regular water or packaged water?’

Customer: ‘Get me regular water, please’

Waiter: ‘Sure Sir!’

Waiter: ‘Here is your water and the menu. Do let me know what you wish to order!’

Customer: ‘Yes, but before that, would you please tell me what is the famous dish in this restaurant?’

Waiter: ‘For today, we have prawns sizzler, chicken salad, afghani bread, and mutton curry! Would you like to order anything from this or would you like to go with the menu, sir?’

Customer: ‘Umm..would mutton curry be too spicy or is it medium spicy?’

Waiter: ‘Mutton curry would be a bit spicy but if you wish, then we can make the spice a bit less.’

Customer: ‘No, give me the spicier one and get me two naans with mutton curry.’

Waiter: ‘Sure sir! Would you like to have any soft drink with your meal?’

Customer: ‘Yes, I would like to have a chilled sprite!’

Waiter: ‘Alright sir!’

Customer: ‘How much time would it take for the food?’

Waiter: ‘Not much sir, hardly 20-25 minutes. That’s all! Till then would you like to read something?’

Customer: ‘Yes, could you please get me a magazine?’

Waiter: ‘Sure, sir!’

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