Conversation with boss in English regarding English language learning in office!

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conversation with boss in English

Conversation with boss in English regarding English language learning in office!

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation with boss in English regarding language learning in the office. Surprising, right? Well, there are many employees who feel comfortable to speak in their regional language or their mother tongue, but an office is a professional workfront and it must have a common language to speak, not mandatorily, but it helps in staying professional. The below given conversation is an example of the same. Let’s check it out!

Conversation with boss in English

Employee: May I come in, sir?

Boss: Sure. Please come in.

Employee: Thank you sir.

Boss: Tell me, is everything alright?

Employee: Oh, yes! Everything is amazing.

Boss: Okay, what brings you at my office today?

Employee: I was thinking that there are many employees in our office who speak in their local language, regional language and in their mother tongues too.

Boss: Yes, I have noticed that.

Employee: Exactly! I was hoping that we could just have an hour of English-language learning classes everyday. This would help them to speak English confidently and it can also become a common language for everyone to speak in the office.

Boss: Seems like a good idea. What made you think about this?

Employee: In the office, I have seen that many of my colleagues speak in the same language, which is good for them. But, there are a few other colleagues in the office who don’t know that language which is why they feel left out from those conversations, from those groups. And bringing up one common language would be a good move where no colleague will feel left out from the office.

Boss: This is a fantastic thought. I will look into it. Thank you for bringing this to my notice.

Employee: No problem sir. Thank you.

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