Conversation with manager in English about introducing your friend in the same company for job!

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Conversation with manager in English about introducing your friend in the same company for job!

Overview: In this post, let us go through a conversation with manager in English. This post will let us know how to introduce your partner/friend to work with you in the same company. Covid-19 has affected everyone tremendously and has also taken away the jobs of a majority of people. Now that things are getting back to normal, there are a bunch of people who still have jobs in their hands and they can help their friends or relatives to get a job in the same company, provided they have the same background.

A conversation with manager in English

Employee: Madam, may I come in?

Manager: Sure, please come in.

Employee: Thank you.

Manager: Tell me. Is everything alright?

Employee: Yes madam. Things are fine.

Manager: Okay, so what brings you in my office today?

Employee: I have a friend who is willing to work for us for the same job that I am doing. And, now that things are getting back to normal after Covid, I was hoping he could get a job here and that would also help us in filling the position.

Manager: Okay, tell me more.

Employee: He is a good friend of mine and I know him very well. He’s got a good work experience too. However, he lost his job during Covid and he is looking for a job now, which is why I thought he could be a good fit for us. Also, we have put up this post on our social media that we need an employee for this position; so we can put him in this position.

Manager: Alright, let’s set up an interview tomorrow with him and ask him to carry all the necessary documents needed. Let’s get in touch with him.

Employee: Thank you madam. I’ll let him know.

Manager: Good job!

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