Dialog with Boss: Resignation Conversation Sample

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Resignation Conversation Sample

Dialog with Boss: Resignation Conversation Sample

Context: This is a resignation conversation script where David, an employee will present a conversation about how to tell your boss you’re quitting, in front of Andrew (boss)

Resignation Conversation Sample

David: Good Morning Sir, May I enter? 

Andrew: Come in David, How are you? 

David: If you have a moment, I would like to talk to you about something important 

Andrew: Okay, go ahead.

David: First of all I want to express my gratitude for all the possibilities you have given me so far. I’ve learned a lot here over the past two years, but now I have a new opportunity, and I truly want to seize them. You helped me a lot during my time here so before submitting my resignation to HR, I wanted to first let you know.

Andrew: Well that was unexpected, but I do see your point of view. What led you to search for a new position? 

David: Well, I really enjoyed the work environment here, but I really appreciate a little competition and I don’t feel like I have enough opportunity to further my skill development. I was looking for something that would help me develop my skills and teach me something new. I was also looking for flexible hours to better balance my work and personal life.

Andrew: Sad to hear that, can we do anything to make you think differently? 

David: I have already made up my mind but I want to thank you again. It’s been great working with you and I really appreciate all the opportunities you gave me they taught me a lot of things. 

Andrew: I see, How much time do you have until you start your new job?  

David: The group is adaptable. To assist in bringing on my replacement, I would be willing to stay for two to three weeks.  

Andrew: That would be a very kind thing to do. In that case, I’ll let HR know and this week you can also give them your resignation letter.  

David: I appreciate your understanding and once again thank you. I will send my resignation letter as soon as I can. 


1. Crucial: extremely significant or important. 

2. Adaptable: able or willing to change.