Dialogue between buyer and seller of the house.

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Dialogue between buyer and seller of the house

Dialogue between buyer and seller of the house.

Context: There are two characters, Chris and Andrew, who are having a conversation. Chris a realtor and Andrew is looking for a home for his family

Real estate conversation example

Matthew: Hello, I am Matthew Parker. I contacted you earlier in the morning about buying a house.

Chris: Yes, Mr. Parker. But first, could you please tell me where you got my number?

Matthew: I browsed some properties a couple of months ago, and I’ve been getting calls and texts from real estate companies ever since. I received a call from your company last week, and they gave me your phone number.

Chris: Yes, cold calling in real estate is well known. The good news is that you are serious about purchasing a house.

Matthew: Several real estate agents even contacted me and told me that many people in my neighborhood are selling homes, but I didn’t think any of them would be good for my family.

Chris: As you reside on Park Street, I believe that it is uncommon for any property owner to sell a house in your area. That place is loaded and quite in demand.

Matthew: Yes, we adore our house, but there is currently not enough room for all of us.

Chris: Don’t worry. In a short amount of time, we can locate the ideal house for you. After all, the real estate market is huge.

Matthew: You can see that there is a sense of urgency here because I have been looking for a family-friendly property for months.

Chris: In that case, let me tell you about a few properties I’ve sorted out for you; let’s discuss your complete requirements first.

Matthew: Sure, as I told you, I am looking for a house for my family. I need a big house with enough space for all of my kids. I have two boys and two girls.

Chris: There is a new listed mansion on Oliver Street that might be perfect for you all. The owner is interested in selling this property, and there are many potential buyers too. I can provide more information if you’re interested. 

Matthew:  I appreciate you telling me more about the mansion on Oliver Street because it is not far from where I currently live.

Chris: It is in a child-friendly neighborhood; it has 4 rooms along with two master bedrooms; every room has its own bath, which is quite comfortable for everyone.

Matthew: That is fantastic. I also needed a big living room where my family could spend some time together, a big garden for my wife, and a backyard for my kids.

Chris: The mansion has pretty decent space for a garden; it has a big backyard and a big living room, which has huge glass doors connected with the backyard so you can keep an eye on kids.

Matthew: That sound sounds perfect. What else is there in the mansion?

Chris: Apart from this, the mansion came with two TV lounges, a hall, an outhouse for visitors, and four restrooms too. We will also provide a car lounge with shade and electric doors.

Matthew: I want to add that my wife is a working woman, so we need a modular kitchen to make her work easier.

Chris: Sir, the mansion has one big modular kitchen with an attached pantry where you can store food items.

Matthew: Tell me about the aesthetic of the home; we want to select furniture that complements the design of the home.

Chris: Don’t worry, sir; the house is fully furnished and outfitted with numerous high-tech gadgets, as well as four different electricity meters.

Matthew: I am very pleased what will be the estimated price for this residence

Chris: Sure Sir this mansion is pretty big about 8000 square feet with two floors and because we remove pool area last year and use the space for outhouse and backyard the property cost around $28 million

Matthew: I am pretty interested in buying this property. Could you please send me some reference pictures of the mansion?

Chris: Sure sir.

Matthew: Also, I’d like to meet the owners and visit the place with my family.

Chris: Okay, sir, I’ll speak with the owners and organize the meet, and please send me your contact information so I can send you the photos and location address.

Matthew: Sure, please arrange a visit by the end of this week, and we’ll meet you there.


  1. Realtor: real estate agent.
  2. Cold-calling: make an unsolicited visit or phone call to someone, in an attempt to sell goods or services.
  3. Loaded: Full.
  4. Mansion: A large, impressive house.
  5. Aesthetic: concerned with beauty.