Dialogue between conductor and passenger – rise in bus fare

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dialogue between conductor and passenger

Dialogue between conductor and passenger – rise in bus fare

Overview: Here is a dialogue between conductor and passenger about the rise in the bus fare. The passenger is traveling from Mumbai Central to Dadar and the increase in fare comes as a shock to the passenger. If the prices see a continuous rise, then it will be a problem for the common man.

Let’s see how the dialogue between conductor and passenger goes!

Dialogue between conductor and passenger

Conductor: Sir, have you taken the ticket?

Passenger: No, actually I want one ticket to Dadar bus station. This bus is going there, right?

Conductor: Yes, sir, the bus is going to Dadar bus station. The fare of your ticket for this bus service will cost you Rs. 30.

Passenger: What? Rs.30? No, the minimum fare is Rs.25!

Conductor: No sir, one ticket to Dadar bus station is for Rs.30. The fares have changed. The bus fare hike is going on over the past few days.

Passenger: But it was Rs.25 till the last week. How did the fare rise?

Conductor: Sir, the price of petrol and diesel has increased, and you are traveling in an air-conditioned bus.

Passenger: May I check the fare sheet?

Conductor: Sure sir, the revised bus sheet is pasted in the front.

Passenger: Okay, here is Rs.30 and can I have a ticket to Dadar bus station?

Conductor: Yes sir. Here you go!

Passenger: It will be difficult for a common man to live if the price keeps increasing every week. Petrol and diesel prices are rising, CNG prices are rising, and cooking gas prices are also rising!

Conductor: We cannot do anything in that matter, sir! It is us who are the common man.

Passenger: Yes, I understand. Also, will you ask the person behind me not to spit out of the window? He is constantly spitting out of the window.

Conductor: Yes sir, I will ask him not to do so.

Passenger: Than you.

Conductor: No problem, sir.


Comes as a shocker‘ – This term means ‘to be surprised or shocked’.

The word ‘constantly‘ means ‘continuously’.

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