Difficulties faced in English conversation: A quick chat between two people

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Difficulties faced in English conversation

Difficulties faced in English conversation: A quick chat between two people

Overview: Difficulties faced in English conversations are quite many than we can imagine. But, if are facing problems while speaking, it means that you are trying to speak and rectify yourself every time you say something wrong; so consider that as a positive point!

Below given is an example of a conversation explaining the difficulties faced in English conversation,

Person 1: Hey, last time you told me that your English language is not so good, so just out of curiosity, I wanted to ask what difficulties you face while having a conversation?

Person 2: I think the difficulties depend on person to person and situation to situation.

Person 1: Yeah, I get that but what challenges do you face while speaking at a public place, with your friends or family?

Person 2: Knowing that the people around me know better English than me, lowers my morale and brings my confidence. This is the very basic yet major problem I face.

Person 1: Okay, so how do you deal with this?

Person 2: At such point in time, I get no other option but to speak, once I start speaking then I get into the flow and things fall into place.

Person 1: I think that is brilliant and every English speaker who faces such a problem of confidence and morale must learn from this.

Person 2: I think if you don’t face the situation, then it will create more problems and will lower the confidence even more. It is better to face it and move ahead.

Person 1: Other than this, what else do you face while having a conversation in English?

Person 2: Umm, I think another problem is falling short of words, not knowing which word to use in what situation..etc.

Person 1: And how do you overcome this?

Person 2: I take some time to gather courage and speak the right thing, this is much easier than the previous fear!

Person 1: That is cool! Everyone must learn from you!