A dramatic conversation about learning English through English movies

dramatic conversation

A dramatic conversation about learning English through English movies

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a dramatic conversation and a useful conversation on how can a learner learn the English language with the help of English movies.

So let’s just head on to the dramatic conversation and know the interesting ways on how a learner can learn English through English movies.

Person 1: Hey, I’ve tried to learn English through books and other resources, but somehow I just start watching English movies nowadays as they are showing brilliant movies nowadays.

Person 2: So, what is the problem?

Person 1: The problem is that I keep watching movies which is why I cannot focus on learning English.

Person 2: I don’t see any problem here.

Person 1: How come you are not seeing any problem?

Person 2: See, you can also learn English through movies.

Person 1: how?

Person 2: You have the option of switching on the subtitles when you watch English movies and if you are bored by learning English through books and other study materials, I think learning through English movies is yet another creative way.

Person 1: yes, that is true.

Person 2: Correct, so if you are going through the subtitles also, you will understand how that characters talk and how conversation takes place in real life.

Person 1: This is perfect.

Person 2: Exactly, with this, you can enjoy your movies also and can simultaneously learn the English language also.


  • This: ‘This’ is an adjective as well as a definite article, a pronoun, and an adverb. the function of the word depends on how it is being used. Mostly, the word ‘this’ is categorized under adjectives if it is used to describe a noun.

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