An exciting conversation between two recruiters

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exciting conversation

An exciting conversation between two recruiters

Overview: An exciting conversation happens between two recruiters when they are done with the interviews and are in the process to choose the right employee for the specified job. 

Below given is an exciting conversation between two recruiters is one such example that could take place in your company too!

Recruiter 1: Finally, we are done with the interviews for today.

Recruiter 2: I know, there were a lot of people than average applying for the post of content writer.

Recruiter 1: Agreed! And now we only have to choose 2 out of 25 good people.

Recruiter 2: It is going to be a difficult task.

Recruiter 1: I agree with it.

Recruiter 2: People came in here with a lot of qualifications and good degrees, but what essence we are looking for is that of experience.

Recruiter 1: Correct, selecting people on the basis of experience would make it easier for us to choose them.

Recruiter 2: And for this, I think there were only two people with good experience as content writers.

Recruiter 1: Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Recruiter 2: Yes, I believe Harsh and Gaurav are the best fit for this post. They have experience of 4-5 years.

Recruiter 1: Bingo! I was thinking about those two too!

Recruiter 2: So if you agree with the same, I think we should put forth the results and give them this news.

Recruiter 1: Absolutely, and then we can decide what is to happen after that.
Recruiter 2: Perfect!