Features of Talk Now App: A quick conversation between 2 people

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Features of Talk Now

Features of Talk Now App: A quick conversation between 2 people

Overview: Features of Talk Now App gives you the platform to improve your English language and become more confident with English speaking. You can avail the benefits of the Talk Now App by downloading it from the PlayStore.

The below-given conversation is an example of two people having a conversation about the features and benefits of the Talk Now App,

Person 1: Hey, I have downloaded the App but I don’t know how to move forward with it!

Person 2: Oh, that’s as simple as a pie. You have downloaded the app, now what you can do is have live calls and chats with the person you wish to or you can also add in your friends in your contact!

Person 1: Can we talk to friends also?

Person 2: Of course, you can!

Person 1: What do we have to do next?

Person 2: Once you have chosen whom to talk to, then you will have to send a request so that the person can accept, and then you both can call or chat!

Person 1: Okay and then?

Person 2: Then if you are coming across a problem through the app, then you can contact them via mail or Facebook or through their Instagram account.

Person 1: Will they reply?

Person 2: yes they will! Every learner is important to them!

Person 1: And how would we know if we are speaking correct English?

Person 2: If you are unsure and would like to know how to talk and what to talk about, you can head on to their website.

Person 1: What can I learn from there?

Person 2: You have ample topics to learn from like Grammar, Punctuations, and everything that you must know to speak and write better English.

Person 1: That is awesome.

Person 2: This app is so brilliant that you can always recommend it to the ones who wish to learn English!