Funny conversation between two friends in English.

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Funny conversation between two friends in English.

Context: The dialogue below is a humorous exchange between the two characters. Danielle and Luke have been close friends since high school. They met at a party two years later.

Short conversation between two friends funny incidents

Danielle: Hey Luke, Is that you?

Luke: Oh my god, Danielle! How are you?

Danielle: I’m fine. It’s been a long time. I had no idea you were coming to this party.

Luke: I know. We last saw each other at my sister’s wedding.

Danielle: Yes, and Since we both went to college in different states, it was hard to find time to meet up during our breaks 

Luke: I told you to study business with me, but you prefer machine learning. Even two best friends are having difficulty getting together.

Danielle: I know, but see, now we are both here. Do you recall our prank streaks when we competed to see who was the best prankster?

Luke: Yes, we were severely punished for this.

Danielle: That’s because you were always determined to succeed, even if it meant getting into trouble. I still remember the fire alarm incident in school.

Luke: Yes, I vividly recall the expressions on our professor’s faces.

Danielle: Thankfully,  It was assembly time, and no one was in the school building.

Luke: See, I mean no harm to anyone.

Danielle: True that. You’re just trying to stress out our professors.

Luke: Yeah, those incidents were really funny. All those memories still put a smile on my face.

Danielle: Exactly; after all, you were the great prankster.

Luke: I agree, but you were no saint either.

Danielle: Why are you saying that?

Luke: Did you forget that everyone freaked out when you mixed Kool-Aid in the staff room coffee maker?

Danielle: Yes, I remember, and it was a lot of fun, but as your best buddy, I was only keeping your legacy alive so you didn’t get all the punishments alone.

Luke: Oh, please. You, too, want to be known as the best prankster.

Danielle: I hate to admit that, but it’s true.

Luke: I still find it funny how naive we were to think these things would make us cool.

Danielle: We were cool. Everyone at our school liked us.

Luke: That’s somewhat true—everyone in our school liked us except our professors.

Danielle: Exactly, do you remember when, during our final semester, you tried to frighten Mr. Robinson, our math instructor, and ended up having a cast on your leg?

Luke: Dude, In my excitement, I fell down the stairs, but you should see his face.

Danielle: You should have seen his face when you fell and he burst out laughing.

Luke: That’s precisely right; that’s very cruel of him.

Danielle: Well, you started it, and you know what they say about karma—you reap what you sow.

Luke: At least Mr. Robinson and I had a good laugh.

Danielle: Yes, but the only difference is that when Mr. Robinson started laughing, you had already sprained your leg.

Luke: Yeah, I miss high school; we had so much fun there with our friends.

Danielle: True, high school was great, and I would give anything to relive those moments.

Luke: So, since we are both in town, why not visit our old school and meet our professors?

Danielle: That’s a great idea; let’s go.


  1. Streak: a part of a person’s character that sometimes shows in the way he/she behaves.
  2. Severely: in a very stern, strict, or harsh way. 
  3. Vividly: in a way that is very clear, powerful, and detailed in your mind.
  4. Assembly: a large group of people who come together for a particular purpose.
  5. Legacy: money or property that is given to you after somebody.
  6. Naive: innocent.
  7. Precisely: exactly.