general conversation

General Conversations are very common to happen between parents at the park. Be it about their kids or their toys or their food and it’s a whole new world when parents talk about their kids!

Parent 1: Hey, let me tell you, you have a very cute kid!

Parent 2: Ohh, thank you so much! You have an amazing kid too! Actually, I have been watching your kid for a while and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him!

Parent 1: Thank you so much. What is his name?

Parent 2: His name is Kevin. An what’s the name of your kid?

Parent 1: Ohh, his name is Jade.

Parent 2: That’s an amazingly unique name!

Parent 1: It was his father’s choice to go with this name.

Parent 2: That’s beautiful.

Parent 1: Actually my child has been very cranky these days.

Parent 2: Oh, why so? 

Parent 1: He gets random stomach aches.

Parent 2: Oh my God! So, did you consult a doctor for him?

Parent 1: Yes, we did and the doc has prescribed some medications for him. I’ve taken him to this park so that he can relax and play for a while. I’ve been bringing him here for the past week.

Parent 2: I wish that he gets well soon. He’s a happy kid.

Parent 1: Yea, I’ll see you sometime, my husband is calling me right now.

Parent 2: Yes, yes absolutely. I’ll see you too!

Parent 1: Bye-bye

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