A heavy conversation between a woman and her boss

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heavy conversation

A heavy conversation between a woman and her boss

Overview: A heavy conversation is bound to happen especially between women employees and bosses, the major reason for such serious kinds of conversation to take place is due to unequal pay as compared to the men in the same organizations. It’s high time that such mentality is changed and women get paid equally and reasonably for the work they do.

The below given heavy conversation is an example of the situation mentioned above,

Woman: Sir, I wanted to talk about something serious with you.

Boss: Off course, please come in.

Woman: Thank you, sir!

Boss: Do tell. Is everything alright?

Woman: Sir, I’ve noticed that my colleagues, especially men of our company are being paid more than the women, despite investing the same energy and working for the same thing.

Boss: So? I mean what are you trying to tell?

Woman: I’m trying to tell you that I demand equal payment of salary, not a penny less than what you are paying to the male employees in this office. We are giving equal dedication and time and yet we are being paid less. I believe this is totally unfair.

Boss: See, please try and understand that I cannot pay you more.

Woman: And why is that, sir?

Boss: Because this has been going on for decades and anyhow, you are getting additional benefits like health insurance and so!

Woman: But sir, even the male employees are being provided with health benefits. Moreover, they are getting higher pay. I don’t think what you are doing is fair! I believe we must be paid equally and there must be no differences made on gender.

Boss: Alright, I’ll increase your salary and of all the female employees working in this company.

Woman: That’d be great sir, thank you very much!