How to reserve a room in a hotel conversation sample

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How to reserve a room in a hotel conversation sample

Context: Two characters show how to reserve a room in a hotel conversation. Neha is blocking off rooms for wedding of her sister, and Rajesh is a receptionist taking reservations.

Conversation sample

Rajesh: Hello, Marriott International. How may I assist you?

Neha: Hello, my name is Neha. I’d like to speak with someone from your reservations department. 

Rajesh: Greetings, ma’am. My name is Rajesh, and I’m in charge of your reservations for today.

Neha: Hello, Rajesh. Actually, I’d like to make a reservation.

Rajesh: Sure, ma’am. Please let me know if it’s for you or if you want to reserve hotel for someone else. I also need your arrival date.

Neha: I like to make reservations in June.

Rajesh: I’d like to inform you that booking a hotel room this early is only possible if you’re planning a destination wedding or blocking off rooms for a wedding or other formal event for more than 100 people.

Neha: Yes, that is what I want to discuss. We are organizing a destination wedding, and we believe your hotel is the best in our chosen area for our wedding venue, which is why I want to make reservations there.

Rajesh: Could you please tell me the wedding date so that I can check if we are available on that particular timeline, ma’am?

Neha: We need reservations from June 4 to June 7, as the wedding is on June 6.

Rajesh: We are available on the dates you specify. What kind of room you want for your guests is up to you; we offer single, double, and twin-bed rooms, as well as five different types of suites. Also, how many rooms do you need to block for the wedding?

Neha: We require 16 double and 10 twin-bed rooms for guests, as well as 6 suits for the bride and groom’s family.

Rajesh: Sure ma’am. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Neha: Does the hotel have enough rooms available on that date to accommodate guests? 

Rajesh: There is currently only one reservation in June, which means we can reserve every room needed for your wedding guests. As a result, you don’t need to worry about us running out of rooms.

Neha: Do you have family-friendly suites?

Rajesh: Yes, we offer a variety that you can choose from based on your needs.

Neha: What kinds of suites do you offer?

Rajesh: According to price point, I would recommend a bridal suite for the bride and Deluxe suites for the groom and other guests; otherwise, we have junior suites, Deluxe suites, executive suites with terrace, penthouse suites, and presidential suites.

Neha: I’d like to reserve a bridal suite for the bride, an executive suite for the groom, and a deluxe suite for their families.

Rajesh: Do you have any more questions, ma’am?

Neha: Yes, what kind of wedding packages do you offer? Do you have group discounts?

Rajesh: You can customize wedding plans according to your budget; for that, I can set up a call for you with our wedding planners.

Neha: Is there a hospitality suite at the hotel that you can give away for free? It’s a terrific hangout place for guests who aren’t staying at your hotel but are attending the wedding.

Rajesh: The hotel offers a hospitality suite, but only for specific wedding plans. For further information, you need to talk to our wedding planner.

Neha: Can you share any pictures of previous weddings with me so I have a better understanding of the location, seating plans, and decorations?

Rajesh: Reference images are available on our website, and our wedding planner also has a separate Instagram account that is listed there.

Neha: That sounds great.

Rajesh: Furthermore, our brand chain offers hotels with 24-hour check-ins and airport accommodations. 

Neha: What do the bride and groom get for blocking their rooms at the hotel? Free room, free upgrade?

Rajesh: That depends on your selected package, but with every booking for a destination wedding that requires more than 15 rooms, we offer two free single rooms.

Neha: What amenities does the hotel have?

Rajesh: All of our guest rooms offer free wi-fi. They have access to our pool and gym. We provide a 70% discount on spa visits to suite guests.

Neha: Fantastic, and what methods of payment do you accept? Also, when can I expect to hear from the wedding planner?

Rajesh: You can use your credit or debit card to make an advance payment, and we also accept checks for full payment. We immediately schedule a call with our wedding planner once you submit an advance payment.

Neha: How can I make an advance payment?

Rajesh: Please provide me with your contact information, and I will send you a link via email. It will take you to our website’s payment page, which will display the information I’ve entered as desired.

Neha: Thank you so much. I’ll also send you the guest list as well as the type of room we needed for them.

Rajesh: Sure ma’am. Please call us whenever you need assistance or if you have any other questions; we’re happy to help. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Neha: Thank you, and the same to you.


  1. Accommodate: to give someone a place to live or store their belongings.
  2. Reservation: an arrangement in which something, such as a seat in a room or a table at a restaurant is kept for you.
  3. Suite: a set of interconnected rooms, especially in a hotel.
  4. Amenities: something, such as a swimming pool or shopping Centre, that is intended to make people’s lives in a town, hotel, or other location more pleasant or comfortable.
  5. Assistance: help.