Husband wife conversation about staying fit and healthy

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husband wife conversation

Husband wife conversation about staying fit and healthy

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a husband wife conversation about staying fit and healthy. This conversation is about a wife who is fit and wants her husband to stay fit too. On the other hand, the husband is a foodie and believes to eat and stay happy! Let us look at the banter between husband and wife in which the wife is trying to convince her husband to stay fit, go for walks, and take good care of himself; but the husband is totally opposite of how the wife expects him to be. Let us now look at the husband wife conversation about staying fit.

Husband wife conversation about staying fit

Husband: Will you pass me those chips?

Wife: No I won’t.

Husband: What? But why?

Wife: Because yesterday, you had your dinner with friends in a restaurant and the day before yesterday you had lots of snacks. I am watching you!

Husband: But I am just eating, what wrong am I doing?

Wife: No, I have noticed from the past few days that you are having lots of junk food and are not eating homemade food.

Husband: No no, you are getting it all wrong! I am eating homemade food!

Wife: Oh, I don’t remember you eating homemade food. When was the last time you ate homemade food with me? Do you remember?

Husband: Umm…it was last week. Also, you haven’t been physically active for the past few days.

Wife: Yes, it was last week! I have decided that you will come for a short walk with me tomorrow morning! I don’t know anything else! You will have to take care of yourself. If you don’t, then it will become a problem for you and I don’t like to see you in a problem, you know that.

Husband: Yes, I know that but from tomorrow morning? It won’t be possible!

Wife: Why is it not possible? Is it because you sleep at that time?

Husband: Yes, that is my sleeping time and I don’t want to disturb my sleep. Having good sleep is important for health too, isn’t it?

Wife: Listen, we will sleep early and we will wake up early and go for a walk! simultaneously, we will also get some personal time that we don’t get here at home between parents!

Husband: That’s true!

Wife: Isn’t it?

Husband: Yeah! Okay, I will come for a short walk with you! But you have to promise me that the walks will be small!

Wife: Yes, the walks will be short, darling!

Husband: Then I am fine with it!


The word ‘umm..’ is an expression for an instance of confusion or a state of understanding.

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